Temperature Measurement System

Last updated on 2019-10-29 2 mins. to read

Our cable temperature measurements kits are designed to enable the discrete measurement of power cable sheath temperature.  The kits can be used for both above ground and underground cables. The kits are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 90°, with short-term exposure up to 130°C.

  • Basic Mode - measure the sheath temperature of up to eight cables
  • Advanced Mode - measure both the sheath temperature and current for up to 4 cables

The Base Kit and Sensor Kit are supplied with all components necessary to install the system for general use.  Depending on your installation need, you may need to extend or adapt the kit to meet specific requirements. 

The measurement controller collects data from the sensors, converts to a temperature reading and displays on the LCD or via Bluetooth to a smartphone.  Additionally, the controller has integrated ethernet capability for transmission of measured data to a SCAD system, cloud-based platform or other third-party applications.  Software additions are able to provide data logging to the cloud, with advanced visualisation of the cable sheath and conductors temperature, cable power loss and live cable capacity limits.

As we continually strive to improve both the performance and quality of our cable temperature kits, there may be some minor deviations between the components supplied and those shown in this manual. 

The cable temperature measurement sensors are attached directly to the sheath of the cable, without interfering with the integrity of the cable itself. To understand how sheath and conductor temperatures relate, and how you can use this information to assess your cable, you can review our application note Sheath & Conductor Temperature.