myCableEngineering pricing plans

Free Trial

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When you are ready take out a subscription.



Ideal for small projects or occasional use.

Credits are valid for 12 months (extended with additional purchase).

Pay as you go with actions such as create, edit, and reports using credits

30 credits £29


Annual subscription, with unlimited access.

Lowest cost, allowing you to create up to 1.200 cables, 1,800 edits and 360 reports per year

12 months £270


Multiuser concurrent licenses with Single-Sign-On (SSO) support and SAML.

Onboarding, initial setup, integration, support and training options.

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* free trial is limited to 2 projects, 12 cables and 12 reports.

* credits are consumed by various actions. If you run out of credits, access is blocked until more credits or a subscription is purchased. For more details, see: Pricing Options. Depending on how many edits and reports you do, 30 credits will typically allow 15 to 20 cables to be sized.

* all prices are subject to change, and our terms of use apply.