Supported Browsers

Last updated on 2020-08-19 1 mins. to read

In providing the best performance and user experience, our application uses the latest client-side software.  You should always ensure you are running the latest version of your browser.  Legacy browsers are not capable of running the application.

The following are currently supported browsers:

  • Chrome (desktop and Android )
  • Microsoft Edge

If you are using one of the above browsers with default settings, should experience no difficulties. Other browsers may also work, but we have not tested these.  

Note: given the larger number of browsers, different release versions, different operating systems and platforms it is extremely difficult to ensure that our application functions perfectly with all possible combinations.  If you encounter any issues with a particular browser please open a ticket and we will look into it right away. 

Internet Explorer: in March 2015 Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer (IE) would be discontinued in favour of Microsoft Edge.  From the start of 2018, we will no longer support nor test our application in Internet Explorer.  We would recommend our users upgrade to a more developed browser (Chrome or Edge), not only for our site but to have a better experience on other sites and improved browsing security in general.