Pricing Options

There are a few ways you can access and use our cable engineering application.


Subscribe to our cable engineering application for a low monthly fee and have full unlimited access to create as many cables as you choose.

Cable Credits

If a subscription is not for you, or you use our site infrequently, you can purchase cable credits.  Cable credits are an upfront purchase of pay-as-you-go credits.  Engineering application actions cost credits.  Any unused cable credits will expire 12 months after purchase. 

Expiration is based on the last purchase date, allowing resetting of the date. For example, you purchase 30 credits in May 2019, spend 20 leaving a balance of 10.  These ten credits will expire in May 2020.  However, if in January 2020, you purchase an additional 30 credits,  giving a 40  balance, these would now expire January 2021.

Cable Credit Action Costs:




  • in some cases (copying multiple cables for example); you may end up with a negative balance, which you will need to clear to regain access
  • costs for creating/editing are allocated upon clicking 'Save' or 'Update'.
  • we reserve the right to alter cable credit costs at our discretion

What is a bandwidth charge? This is a charge for using the application.  When launching myCableEngineering, we envisaged users creating projects, adding cables and paying for these actions.  Some users employ the application in ways we did not envisage, for example, an extreme case is a user who regularly sizes his cables, transfers the results to a spreadsheet and effectively never pays for this usage. To ensure everyone contributes, and some users are not being subsidised by other users, we have the bandwidth charge.  Our application is API based, and we measure bandwidth by API calls and charge at set intervals. 

Fair Use for Fair Price

Compared to our competitors, the pricing of myCableEngieering is very low. To maintain this competitiveness, we have a Fair Use Fair Price policy. For example,  it is only fair that a company with five users of the application and sizing 6,000 cables per month should be paying more than a small business with a single user sizing 100 cables per month. 

Fair Use Fair Price is already built into paying for access using cable credits. For monthly subscriptions, online pricing is based on a single user.  If your company has more than a single user, using the application you should consider buying additional subscriptions.   Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss options and prices for our enterprise pricing.