Pricing - options


Subscribe to our cable engineering application for a low monthly or annual; fee and have full unlimited access to use the application as you choose. For more details please visit our Pricing page. For monthly subscriptions, online pricing is based on a single user.  If your company has more than a single user, consider contacting us to discuss options and prices for our enterprise pricing.

Enterprise Licensing

For larger organisations, we offer multiuser concurrent enterprise licensees.  This allows companies to have many users of the application while keeping costs down and gaining access to dedicated support. Please contact us for details.

Reasonable Use for Fair Price

Compared to our competitors, the pricing of myCableEngieering is low.  Our subscription is intended for a single user, making reasonable use of our application. Companies with multiple users should either use multiple subscriptions or our enterprise licensing (a more cost-effective solution).  

Determining Reasonable Use

Our application is API based and for every 500 API calls made using the application, we log a Bandwidth transaction. We set a limit on the number of Bandwidth transactions allowed for a single subscription and monitor this against a 12 month rolling total.  Should this be exceeded, we will not take any drastic action but will contact the user with a view to upgrading to an enterprise license. 

Periodically we review overall usage to determine the maximum allowable number of Bandwidth transactions according to a statistical algorithm.  This ensures that subscription users, making reasonable use of the application will always be below the Bandwidth limit, while identifying users where an enterprise license is more appropriate.