Pricing Options


Subscribe to our cable engineering application for a low annual; fee and have full unlimited access to use the application as you choose. For more details please visit our Pricing page.

Cable Credits

If a subscription is not for you, or you use our site infrequently, you can purchase cable credits.  Cable credits are an upfront purchase of pay-as-you-go credits, with any unused cable credits expiring after 12 months. For more details please visit our Pricing page.

Cable Credit Action Costs:

Create Project1.00
Edit Project0.20
Edit Project Inline0.05
Delete Project0.00
Create Cable1.00
Copy Cable1.00
Edit Cable0.30
Edit Cable Inline0.05
Delete Cable0.00
Generate Report0.50
Bandwidth Charge [per 500 calls]0.20
Restore Deleted Project0.00
Restore Deleted Cable0.00
Copy Project [exc. cable copy costs]1.00
Move Cable To Project0.30

Enterprise Licensing

For larger organisations, we offer multiuser concurrent enterprise licensees.  This allows companies to have many users of the application while keeping costs down and gaining access to dedicated support. 

Fair Use for Fair Price

Compared to our competitors, the pricing of myCableEngieering is low. To maintain this competitiveness, we have a Fair Use Fair Price policy. For example,  it is only fair that a company with twenty users of the application and sizing 6,000 cables per month should be paying more than a single user sizing 1 or 2 cables per month. 

Fair Use Fair Price is already built into paying for access using cable credits. For monthly subscriptions, online pricing is based on a single user.  If your company has more than a single user, consider contacting us to discuss options and prices for our enterprise pricing.