Google Sheets - Electrical Functions

Last updated on 2018-10-10 2 mins. to read

"Electrical Functions" is an add-on for Google Sheets.  The add-on enables a large selection of electrical specific functions which can be used in the same way as normal sheet functions.  No more complex formulae, custom scrips or inconsistency in sheets.  By using our "Electrical Functions", we do all the technical detail, allowing you to concentrate on your sheets and getting your work done.  The add-on itself is free but does require a subscription to our API service to function. 

Given the vast amount of electrical functions possible, selecting the best ones to code is a daunting task.  At the moment we are adding functions we find useful.  If as an end user, you subscribe to our Premium or Enterprise API products, we will work with yourselves to identify which functions are most useful for your organisation and focus development on these functions.  

To find out more and get started, please contact us.

Electrical Functions

Custom help, with autocomplete is available for each function. This works the same way as normal functions.

For available functions see: Google Sheets Electrical Functions.

Complex Functions: in addition to normal algebraic inputs, our functions can be used with complex numbers.  Should you choose to work in complex form, we have a set of functions to help you create complex numbers, change between Polar and Cartesian, and deal with things such as phase angle and power factor. Functions requiring a complex input typically end in 'Cmplx' (for example =voltageDrop() would expect normal inputs, whereas voltageDropCmplx() would expect complex number inputs).

Google Cache

Google caches the results of function calls. If function parameters are not changed, Google will retrieve the result from its cached version, rather than executing the function. Using caches significantly increases performance and reduces the number of API calls.

An unwanted side effect is that if you change your API key the, function parameters remain the same, and Google will return the cached result. This can be annoying if you have functions which failed due to an invalid key, and after entering a valid key, the cached result is still showing failed. There are solutions you can try:

  1. Wait until the cache time runs out. Google will then refresh the cells
  2. Reload the sheet in conjunction with (1)
  3. Delete the formulae and immediately restore (using Ctrl Z for instance)

In general, the issue is only present when adding a valid API key to a sheet which has been just calculated using an invalid key. API keys are added per user, so once you have set up a key, this will apply to all your sheets and the issue will not be present.

We have investigated various software workarounds for the issue, but given the infrequency of the event occurring, we decided to leave things as they are. Should Google at some stage introduce mechanisms for clearing the cache, we will update our Add-in to resolve the issue.