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Getting Started lets you schedule all cables for your project and helps you to ensure that they are all sized correctly.  It is easy to use, yet still technically detailed and fully standard compliant. It also works across all devices, desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Getting started with using myCableEngineering is easy.    To start just select "Manage Your Projects" from the Dashboard.

myCableEngineering organises work into projects.  For each project you set up, a cable schedule is created.  You then add your cables to the cable schedule.

Once your cables are added to the schedule, you can then verify the sizing and operation of the cable (current capacity, voltage drop and fault rating for example).  Once your cable schedule is complete, you can download this and associated calculations as pdf files. 

If you experience any problems or issues, you can use our support section to contact us.

Project options:
- add a new project
- edit a project (includes more customisation that add a new project)
- manage contributors (allow team members to work on your projects)
- schedule to work on your project cables

Cable options:
- add a new cable
- configure cable (select voltage, cable type, etc.)
- current capacity according to various standards
- voltage drop to user defined limits
- fault rating at both source and load end
- duplicate, copy your cable
- summary gives an overview and allows adding cable comments

Note: some options only become available if previous steps are complete, for example, the current capacity dialogue will not be available until you have configured the cable.

Reports - are available on the projects, cable schedule pages and cable summary section.  See Reports for more details.

Quick Tips

  • Cable Voltage - changing the voltage on the cable configuration dialogue changes the selection of cables available.  Cable selection is filtered according to the required voltage.
  • Recommended Size - the information box on the current capacity dialogue shows the recommended size for the selected standard and installation.  You can use this recommendation, or chooose a bigger/smaller cable to suit your needs.


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