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Cable Schedule

A project’s cable schedule is accessed by clicking on the 'Manage Cables' button. The schedule shows the current project at the top, which can be changed by selecting from the drop-down list.  

The cable schedule can be filtered by entering search terms in the search box and sorted by clicking on the column headers.  Clicking the add (+ )cable button lets us create a new cable, and clicking on an existing cable will allow you to edit the details.  Traffic light type symbols show the current status of current capacity, voltage drop and fault withstand calculations for the cable.

By clicking the select boxes to the left, you can select one or more cables.  Once selected cables can be deleted by clicking the delete (wastebasket) button.

There is a report box allows a variety of reports to be printed. Reports are for all cables in the schedule, or by clicking 'print selected only' you can print only cables which have been selected in the schedule.

The Cable Grid



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