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Cable Schedule

A project’s cable schedule is accessed by clicking on the cable schedule button. The schedule shows the current project at the top.  Clicking the add cable button lets us create a new cable.

As cables are added, these are shown as a cable list.  Initial actions are available for each cable, and these include:

  • cable configuration
  • current capacity
  • voltage drop
  • fault level 
  • cable  summary
  • duplicate cable 
  • delete cable

The above actions are explained in the sub-topics.

At the number of cables grows, paging becomes available at the bottom of the grid.  The user can sort the grid by clicking on any of the column headings. The most useful function is the search, which as the user types into, the list of cables is quickly narrowed down.

To keep track of which cable you are working on, clicking on a row will highlight it.  Click again to un-highlight.  

Depending on the user's preference,  they can also toggle between grid and list view. 

There is a report section at the bottom of the schedule.  Reports selected here are for all cables in the schedule.


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