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API Input Parameters

airTemperatureDoubleAmbient temperature of the air, °C, range(-99,999)
bs7671CableDetailIDInt32Cable detail ID of a cable,suitable for sizing with BS 7671
cableDetailIDInt32Cable detailsID [sourceID > cableLibraryID > cableDetialID]
cableLibraryIDInt32Cable library ID [sourceID > cableLibraryID > cableDetialID]
cableSourceIDInt32Cable sourceID [sourceID > cableLibraryID > cableDetialID]
cableTypeIDInt32Cable Type ID, for internal use
capacityRelationIDInt32Capacity type ID, for internal use
circuitSpacingDoubleSpacing between independent cable circuits (see noCircuits), m, range(0,999)
conductorMaterialIDInt32Conductor material ID
configurationIDInt32Arrangement of single core cables: 1[trefoil], 2[flat touching], 3[flat spaced 1 diameter apart], 4[flat spaced 2 diameter apart], 5[flat spaced x Metre apart]
configurationSpacingDoubleSpacing of single core cables (configurationID = 5), m, range(0,99)
CSANullable`1Cross-sectional area of cable or conductor. Note: standard sizes are: 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400 and 1600 mm2, range(0,1600)
currentDoubleMagnitude of current, A, range(-99999,99999)
depthDoubleDepth of buried cable, M, range(0,99)
efficiencyDoubleEfficiency of any load (set to = 1, if just doing a power calculation), range(0,1)
faultTypeInt32Fault type: 0[Not Defined], 1[Three Phase Fault], 2[(3ph-system) Line-Line Fault], 3[(3ph-system) Line-Line-Earth Fault], 4[(3ph-system) Line-Earth Fault], 5[(1ph-system) Line-Line Fault], 6[(1ph system) Line-Earth Fault], 7[(d.c. system) Line-Line Fault], 8[(d.c. system) Line-Earth Fault].
flags_bs7671String Used to pass optional parameters to capacity API calls and will normally be set to '000000'. Bit 1 - set to 1 if BS 3036 fuse. Bit 2 to Bit 6, reserved for future use. , length(6,6)
flags_z0StringUsed to pass optional parameters to Z0 API calls, normally set to '000000'. Bit 1 - set to 1 armour to be ignored, Bit 2 set to 1 spare core used for earthing, Bit 3 to Bit 6 reserved for future use., length(6,6)
frequencyDoubleFrequency of the supply system (set to 0 for dc systems), range(0,9999)
groundTemperatureDoubleAmbient temperature of the ground, °C, range(-99,999)
IbDoubleDesign current of a circuit, A, range(-99999,99999)
IkDoubleFault current, A, range(-99999000,99999000)
impedanceListStringA list of impedances, Ω, formatted: [[Z1Re,Z1Im],[Z2Re,Z2Im], ... ,[ZmRe,ZnIm]]
InDoubleRated current setting of a protective device, A. Set to zero if no over-current device, range(-99999,99999)
inParallelInt32Number of cables in parallel supplying a single circuit. Ensure value is 1 or more., range(0,99)
insulationMaterialIDInt32Insulation material ID
isInputPowerBooleanIf specified values are input or output (default = false, output power)
kVADoubleApparent power of the load or calculation, kVA, range(-99999,99999)
kWDoublePower of the load or calculation, kW, range(-99999,99999)
lengthDoubleLength of a cable or circuit, m, range(0,99999)
noCircuitsInt32Number of intendant cable circuits running together. Ensure value is 1 or greater., range(0,99)
pfDoublePower factor (= 1 for d.c. circuits), range(-1,1)
phaseInt32Phase configuration: 0[d.c.], 1[single phase a.c.], 3[three phase a.c.], 4[three phase + neutral a.c.]
powerFactorDoublePower factor (= 1 for d.c. circuits), range(-1,1)
primaryMethodIDInt32Primary installation method ID
reactanceDoubleReactance of a cable (single conductor) or circuit element, Ω, range(0,1E+99)
resistanceDoubleResistance of a cable (single conductor) or circuit element, Ω, range(0,1E+99)
resistivityDoubleElectrical resistivity of conductor or material, Ω.m, range(0,1E+99)
secondaryMethodIDInt32Secondary installation method ID
soilResistivityDoubleSoil resistivity, Ω.m. Note for impedance calculations, if unknown try 100 Ω.m., range(0,99000000)
soilThermalResistivityDoubleSoil thermal resistivity of ground (cable are buried in), K.m/W, range(0,99)
standardIDInt32Cable sizing standard ID, for internal use
supplySystemTypeIDInt32Supply system type ID: 0[None/Undefined], 1[TN-S], 2[TN-C-S (PME)], 3[TT], 4[IT]
tDoubleTime, s, range(0,1E+99)
temperatureDoubleOperating temperature of a conductor or material, °C. Note: resistances are normally referenced to 20 °C., range(-99,999)
UDoubleVoltage, V. For a.c. 3-ph line-line expected, for 1-ph line-neutral expected., range(-33000,33000)
VADoubleComplex (apparent) power, Volt-amp., range(0,99999000)
voltageDoubleVoltage, V. For a.c. 3-ph line-line expected, for 1-ph line-neutral expected., range(-33000,33000)
voltageImDoubleVoltage (complex imaginary value), V. For a.c. 3-ph line-line expected, for 1-ph line-neutral expected., range(-33000,33000)
voltagePhaseDoublePhase angle of a.c. voltage, radians. For d.c. or reference set to 0., range(-6.28318530717959,6.28318530717959)
voltageReDoubleVoltage (complex real value), V. For a.c. 3-ph line-line expected, for 1-ph line-neutral expected., range(-33000,33000)
ZqDoubleSource impedance magnitude, Ω. Normally used for fault calculations., range(0,99999)


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