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API Input Parameters

ID Numbers

cableDetailID integer Cable detailsID [sourceID > cableLibraryID > cableDetialID]
cableLibraryID integer Cable library ID  [sourceID > cableLibraryID > cableDetialID]
conductorMaterialID integer Conductor material ID
configurationID integer Arrangement of single core cables: 1[trefoil], 2[flat touching], 3[flat spaced 1 diameter apart], 4[flat spaced 2 diameter apart], 5[flat spaced x Metre apart]
insulationMaterialID integer Insulation material D
primaryMethodID  integer Primary installation method ID
secondaryMethodID integer Secondary installation method ID
sourceID integer Cable sourceID  [sourceID > cableLibraryID > cableDetialID]

General Inputs

airTemperature double Ambient temperature of the air, °C
cableDesignCurrent double Design current for cable current capacity (not the same as Ib), A
circuitSpacing double Spacing between independant cable cricuits (see noCircuits), m
configurationSpacing double Spacing of single core cables (configurationID = 5), m
CSA double Cross-sectional area of cable or conductor.  Note: standard sizes are: 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400 and 1600 mm2
current double Magnitude of current, A
depth double Depth of buried cable, M
efficiency double Efficiency of any load (set to = 1, if just doing a power calculation)
groundTemperature double Ambient temperature of the ground, °C
Ib double Design current of a circuit, A
In double Rated current setting of a protective device, A. Set to zero if no overcurrent device
inParallel int Number of cables in parallel supplying a single circuit
isInputPower bool If specified values are input or output (default = false, output power)
kW double Power of the load or calculation, kW
kVA double Apparent power of the load or calculation, kVA
length double length of a cable or circuit, m
noCircuits int Number of indpendant cable circuits running together
pf double Power factor (= 1 for d.c. circuits)
phase double Phase configuration:  0[d.c]., 1[single phase a.c.], 3[three phase a.c.], 4[three pahse + neutral a.c.]
powerFactor double Power factor (= 1 for d.c. circuits)
resistivity double electrical resistivity of conductor or material,  Ω.m
soilThermalResistivity double Soil thermal resistivity of ground (cable are buried in), K.m/W
temperature double Operating temperature of a conductor or material, °C.  Note: resistances are normally referenced to 20 °C.
voltage double Voltage, V
voltageRe double Voltage (complex real value), V
voltageIm double Voltage (complex imginary value). Set to 0 if the voltage is the reference), V


flags_bs7671 string Used to pass optional parameters to capacity API calls and will normally be set to '000000'. Bit 1 - set to 1 if BS 3036 fuse. Bit 2 to Bit 6, reserved for future use. 
imageURL string URL for an image (normally obtained from an API call


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