Symbols - General

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 C  capacitance [ F, μF]
 Cmin  minimim voltage factor ( = 0.95 )
 f  frequency [Hz]
 Ia  current causing operation of device in specified time, A
 In  nominal current [A]
 IΔn  rated current of an RCD, A
 L  inductance [ H, mH]
 R  resistance [Ω]
 RA  sum of resistance of earth electrode and protective condcutor, Ω 
 ULL , or VLL  line to line voltage [V, kV]
 ULN or VLN  line to neutral voltage [V, kV]
 Uo or Vo   nominal line to neutral voltage [V, kV]
 UN or VN  nominal  line to line voltage [V, kV]
 X  reactance, general [Ω]
 Xc  capacitive reactance [Ω]
 XL  inductive reactance [Ω]
 Z  impedance [Ω, Ω.m-1]
 Z1  line conductor impedance, Ω
 Z2  circuit protective conductor (CPC)  impedance, Ω 
 Ze  external earth fault impedance, Ω
 Zs  earth fault look impedance, Ω
 ω  angular frequency = 2πf, s-1