Symbols - Cable Construction

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CSA, S cross-sectional area of conductor, mm2
 CSAa cross-sectional area of armour, mm2
 ds conductor screen diameter, m 
 dsc  conductor semi-conducting layer diameter, m
 D, d  overall diameter of cable, m
 Da  armour diameter, m
 Db  bedding diameter, m
 Df cable laid up diameter (multicore), m 
 Di  insulation diameter, m 
 Dls  laid up screen diameter, m 
 Ds  insulation screen diameter, m
 Dsc  insulation semiconducting screen diameter, m
 dL  diameter of conductor, m
 maxT  maximum cable tension, N
 swP  maximum sidewall pressure, kg.m-1
 ti  thickness of armour, m
 ts  conductor screen thickness, m
 tsc  conductor semi-conducting layer thickness, m
 Ta  armour thickness, m
 Tb  bedding thickness, m
 Tis  laid up screen thickness, m
 Tos  sheath thickness, m
 Ts  insulation screen thickness, m
 Tsc  insulation semi-conducting screen thickness, m 
 Ti thickness of the insulation, m
 Tos  thickness of over sheath, m
 Wt  weight of cable kg.m-1