Fast track your power cable selection and sizing knowledge!

Master Cable Sustained Current Ratings According to IEC 60287

Gain know-how, and insights on how cable thermal sizing works. IEC 60287 Cable Thermal Sizing, is the course that can make give you a full understanding and confidence to be able to apply the principals given in the standard.

Are you...

  • comfortable with cable sizing, but want to expand your knowledge
  • interesting in IEC 60287, but don't know the details
  • want to determine the current capacity of cables more accurately
  • need to evaluate cable performance in unusual situations

... let our online course enrich and build your knowledge.

IEC 60287 Cable Thermal Sizing, a 3-week online course will help you gain an in-depth understanding of Standard and it's application. This course is for all practising engineers, contractors and cable users.

In our Cable Master Class, you will learn about

  • types of cables and construction standards from low voltage to 33 kV
  • calculation of dc and ac resistance
  • calculation of thermal properties of cable-layers and the environment
  • the thermal capacity of dc and ac cables in air and buried

Throughout the course, we work with you to provide support, answer questions and give feedback on a weekly basis. The goal is to give you the cable knowledge to be able to perform with your peers and at the very highest level.

Course Format

   This is a fully online course
   Login and complete assignments whenever you wish
   Live sections are optional and not mandatory to attend

Register Your Interest

We aim to run our Master Class twice a year. Places are limited.  To be informed early of the next class and secure your place, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Course Outline

During week 1 you will learn how the course works and review the basics of cables. Weeks 2 to five will build on this, giving you all the tools you need to become a cable pro.

Week 1 - Cable Review

  • Cable Construction - understand the construction of low and medium voltage cables
  • Standards - investigate cable construction, application and sizing standards
  • Insulation - learn about different insulation, their properties and effect on cable life
  • Thermal Rating - introduction to cable thermal rating

Week 2 - IEC 60287 Thermal Analysis

  • Sustained current capacity
  • DC & AC resistance of conductors
  • Dielectric loss
  • Sheath, screen and armour loss

Week 3 - IEC 60287 Thermal Resistance

  • Thermal resistance - T1, T2 & T3 [insulation, bedding, sheath]
  • Thermal resistance - T4 [surrounding medium]
  • Direct solar radiation - accounting for in calculations
  • Cable troughs - accounting for in calculations

The course is online, with continual content released during the 3-week period.  You will be enrolled in our virtual classroom, within a community of other attendees.  The course is delivered through various content types and can be worked through at your own pace.

   Pre-recorded videos
   Written material
   Assignments reviewed and marked
   Question and answer webinars
   Completion certificate

Fast track your power cable selection and sizing knowledge!