Fast track your power cable selection and sizing knowledge!

Take your power cable selection and sizing knowledge to the next level

Gain know-how, and insights that make cable sizing a breeze. Cable Master Class, is the course that can make you a cable sizing expert and able to deal with any situation.

Are you...

  • unsure about types of cables and standards
  • not fully conversant with cable sizing standards, BS 7671, IEC 60364, IEC 60502, etc.
  • wanting a better understanding of cable electrical parameters
  • interested in delving into the thermal modelling of cables
  • or just want to be the office cable guru

... let our online course enrich and build your knowledge.

Cable Master Class, a 4-week online course will help you gain an in-depth understanding of power cables, their selection, electrical parameters, sizing and application. This course is for all practising engineers, contractors and cable users.

In our Cable Master Class, you will learn about

   types of cables, and construction standards from low voltage to 33 kV
   electrical parameters - dc and ac resistance, reactance and impedance
   cable losses including dielectric, screen and armour losses
   various derating based cable sizing standards
   thermal analysis to rate and size cables
   cyclic loading of cables, life expectancy and much more

This course is for everyone: from beginners to engineers with extensive experience. There is something for everyone.

Throughout the course, we work with you to provide support, answer questions and give feedback on a weekly basis. The goal is to give you the cable knowledge to be able to perform with your peers and at the very highest level.

Course Format

   This is a fully online course
   Login and complete assignments whenever you wish
   Live sections are optional and not mandatory to attend

Register Your Interest

We aim to run our Master Class twice a year. Places are limited.  To be informed early of the next class and secure your place, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Course Outline

Getting started is easy. During week 1 you will learn how the course works and start learning the basics of cables. Weeks 2 to four will build on this, giving you all the tools you need to become a cable pro.

Week 1 - Understanding Cables

  • Cable Construction - understand the construction of low and medium voltage cables
  • Standards - investigate cable construction, application and sizing standards
  • Insulation - learn about different insulation, their properties and effect on cable life
  • Cable Life [Arrhenius Equation]
  • Geometric Mean Spacing

Week 2 - Electrical Performance

  • Revision - Basic AC & DC Systems
  • Impedance - positive and zero sequences impedance to IEC 60609
  • Sustained current capacity to BS 7671

Week 3 - Sizing by Derating

  • - learn how to size cables and investigate scenarios
  • IEC 60364 sustained current capacity low voltage cables
  • ERA 69-30 sustained current capacity low voltage cables
  • IEC 60502 Sustained current capacity medium voltage cables

Week 4 - IEC 60287 Thermal Analysis

  • Voltage Drop to BS 7671
  • Voltage Drop to CENELEC CLC/TR 50480
  • Fault Rating of Cable

The course is online, with continual content released during the 4-week period.  You will be enrolled in our virtual classroom, within a community of other attendees.  The course is delivered through various content types and can be worked through at your own pace.

   Pre-recorded videos
   Written material
   Assignments reviewed and marked
   Question and answer webinars
   Completion certificate

Fast track your power cable selection and sizing knowledge!