Our Online Courses

Our electrical engineering courses provide leading content enabling attendess to improve their theoretical and practical application knowledge.  Our courses are entirely online in a virtual classroom.  Attendees learn through pre-recorded videos, written material, assignments and live webinars. A  Completion Certificate is awarded on completion of all assignments. 

Note: we have the same team of experts who work on myCableEngineering.com's sizing application putting together our online cable courses. With current updates on myCableEngineering taking priority, we have slipped on our course production schedule. We would rather take the time to make the course content great, rather than rush out something half-baked. To keep informed of progress and be notified when the courses are ready, please sign up to the course newsletter

Take your power cable selection and sizing knowledge to the next level

Gain know-how, and insights that make cable sizing a breeze.  Cable Master Class, is the course that can make you a cable sizing expert and able to deal with any situation.

From low voltage to 33kV, delve into cable constructions, impedance calculations,  and BS 7671 and IEC 60364 current ratings with our realtime online course.

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Learn thermal cable current ratings to IEC 60287

Use our advanced cable sizing course to understand IEC 60287.  How it works, and practical application.  Learn how to calculate current capacity in different scenarios, determine cable thermal parameters and make optimal sizing decisions.

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