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Cable Calculator

Cable Calculator is a website plugin module with a simple and clean interface which allows users to size low voltage cables.  The module calculates the CSA based on current capacity, voltage drop and fault rating while requiring the minimum amount of user input.

Important: the calculator is designed to be added to websites and requires a subscription to our API service.  If you wish to only size cables, please use our main application by selecting 'Cable Engineering' on the site menu.

Electrical Training and Workshops

myElectrical Engineering provides electrical consulting services for a comprehensive range of issues and problems. Utilising our expertise, we are able to offer on-site training covering a wide variety of electrical topics.

API-1 Developer

1000 calls/month limit API product subscription.

This product is intended for development or home use. There is no SLA with this product and it should not be used for production environments.

£22.00 / Month
API-2 Premium

50,000 calls/month limit API product subscription.

This product is intended for entry-level production use. 12-month contract.

£218.00 / Month
API-2 Enterprise

400,000 calls/month limit API product subscription.

This product is intended for enterprise-level production use. 12-month contract.

£872.00 / Month
myElectrical Load Estimation Spreadsheet

The Excel spreadsheet for estimating building loads inline with IEC methodology. Key features include both w/m2 calculations and major plant loads. Preloaded industry power densities. 

Premium Support

Premium support above and beyond our standard ticket system support.

Restore deleted project

Restore a project that has been deleted.

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