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Sponsor myCableEngineering.

GBP £1,200.00 / Year
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Company sponsorship benefits both the sponsoring company and myCableEngineering.com.  The sponsoring company gains a presence on the site, and their brand is visible on the home page and knowledge base.  Cable and protective device manufacturers, in particular, can further benefit by having their range of products priority selectable within the application.  myCableEngineering.com benefits by having income and partnership branding to further develop and promote the application.

As a sponsor you get:

  • Company logo on the home page, short description popover and link to your site.
  • Banner placement in our knowledge base (ad space at the bottom of the page).
  • Priority placement in manufacturer selection drop downs for cables and protective devices.

As a cable or protective device manufacturer, you additionally can have your product ranges entered into our database.  These are selectable by the user and appear on reports and printouts, and are a life time entry.  Cable and protective device selections are given to our users in the following priority: Generic -> Sponsors products -> Non-sponsors products.   


  • Our aim is for a limited number of high-quality sponsors, as opposed to numerous lower grade sponsors.  Our method to achieve this is likely to be price adjustments.
  • Knowledge base banner impressions are shared equally between sponsors, with a maximum of 20% of the total impressions.
  • Prices exclude VAT, which will be added at the appropriate rate.

To find out more and arrange your sponsor ship, please contact us.