Sponsored Feature - New Protective Device Range

Sponsor the addition of a new protective device range.

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We have a collection of generic and manufacturer based protective devices for our users to choose.  For protective device manufacturers (or users) who would like us to add their devices, you can request that we add one of your ranges by purchasing this item.

By purchasing this item, you are helping fund myCableEngineering.  In return, you get your protective device entered into our application.  Your devices are then available for our users to select and will be detailed in reports issued by our users to their clients and contractors. 

After sponsoring a feature, just email us with the details and we will get working on it. 

Note: we consider a protective device as a group of frame sizes (for example  MCCBXYZ 100A, 250A, 400A, ... etc.), with each frame associated with a selection of the manufacturers standard trip units for that device (for example a thermal magnetic unit, solid state LSIG unit, etc.). If you wish to enter more protective device ranges, you will need to purchase additional entries.

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