This is the demonstration page for our Cable Calculator application which can be downloaded and installed on your website. The calculator allows your visitors to size low voltage power cables:

  • clean and simple interface
  • PVC and XLPE, armoured, unarmoured
  • a.c. and d.c. systems
  • sustained current capacity to BS 7671
  • voltage drop to CCENELEC CLC/TR 50480
  • impedance and fault calculations to IEC 60906
  • many configurable display and operation options
  • desktop, table & smartphone

Advanced Features

Advanced features of the calculation can be enabled or disabled depending on your requirements:

  • Request Quotation - allow visitors to request a quotation:
    • send an email with cable requirements and contact details
    • activated for selected countries to avoid requests from countries you do not supply

If you are a user of our Cable Calculator, we are open to requests for additional features. 

Obtaining the Calculator

The cable calculator plugin, written in angular which you will need to install on your site.  You will need a paid subscription to our API service for the calculator to work. For more details on obtaining the plugin and costs, please contact us.