Our Users

If you are a user of our site wanting to manage and size cables for your project, you can use our main application.  To start the application, select 'CABLE ENGINEERING' from the main menu. 


The resources on this page are intended for developers who which to add electrical functionality to their applications, websites and work processes.  If you are a developer and looking for electrical resources to help, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss any requirements.  

myCableEngineering API

Our API is an electrical engineering data and calculation service, with a particular emphasis on cables.

In developing myCableEngineering, we constructed a full API to carry out the data manipulation and calculations. Over time we are making this API publicly available to other developers. We are also committed to expanding the API to cater to our developer's electrical requirements.

As a developer using our API, we take care of all the grunt work. You only need to collect the inputs, call the API and display the results. 

For more details see: https://mcerestapi.azurewebsites.net

Cable Calculator

Cable Calculator is a standalone module with a simple and clean interface which allows users to size low voltage cables.  The module calculates the CSA based on current capacity, voltage drop and fault rating while requiring the minimum amount of user input.

The calculator is a downloadable website plugin.  Developers can copy the files to their web-server and integrate the calculator into one of their pages with a few lines of code. The application itself is free, but it does require a subscription to our API service to function.

Demonstration and more information: Cable Calculator Demo

Google Sheets - Electrical Functions

"Electrical Functions" is an add-on for Google Sheets.  The add-on enables a large selection of electrical specific functions which can be used in the same way as normal sheet functions.  No more complex formulae, custom scrips or inconsistency in sheets.  By using our "Electrical Functions", we do all the technical detail, allowing you to concentrate on your sheets and getting your work done.  The add-on itself is free but does require a subscription to our API service to function. 

Given the vast amount of electrical functions possible, selecting the best ones to code is a daunting task.  At the moment we are adding functions we find useful.  If as an end user, you subscribe to our Premium or Enterprise API products, we will work with yourselves to identify which functions are most useful for your organisation and focus development on these functions.  

To find out more and get started, please contact us.

For available functions see: Google Sheets Electrical Functions.